1. ENTRY FEES: $300 payable by E-Transfer or by cheque. See the registration page for details.
  2. ORIENTATION MTG. Q & A on rules. Friday evening of the Tournament, 5:30 pm - 9:00pm, Registration & Check-in. Social time food and drinks are available for sale. 7 pm review of rules and any updates with time for Q & A. It is mandatory for at least 1 team member; no proxy, to be present to check in and receive updated rules and Team ID numbers. Failure to check in before 9 pm will result in your team being moved to the end of your wave for the morning blast off.
  3. COMPETITORS: Teams must consist of no more than two anglers. No angler substitutions after 6:30 am on the Saturday of the tournament. Less than 16 years of age require parental/guardian consent. Anglers must have a valid sport fishing license as required by law in Ontario.
  4. BOAT LIMIT: 135 teams maximum, 50 teams minimum.
  5. PRE-FISHING: Will cease at 5 pm on the Friday of the Tournament. No fishing between Saturday weigh-in & Sunday blast off.
  6. BAITS: Artificial baits only, NO live baits, minnows, worms, frogs, etc.
  7. LIVE WELLS: These are mandatory and must meet requirements set out in the fishing regulations. Stringers, floating live wells, etc. are not allowed.
  8. Maximum number of FISH: The maximum number of fish allowed in your live well is 5 per team. If more than the limit is present, the heaviest fish will be removed and not be eligible for weigh-in. When a sixth fish is caught the smallest fish from your live well must be released before placing a larger fish in the live well.
  9. ALCOHOL/DRUGS: All rules of safe boating apply to the tournament including operating while under the influence. No alcohol/drugs are permitted on any competitor’s boat during tournament hours 7 am to 4:30 pm Saturday and 7 am to 2:30 pm Sunday. Any competitor found with alcohol/drugs on board or operating under the influence will be disqualified. Alcohol will be available in a licensed area during non-fishing times on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon at the start of weigh-in. No outside alcohol is allowed in the licensed area. Disqualification could result. Please drink responsibly.
  10. BOATING REGULATIONS: All laws must be obeyed including following speed limits where posted. Any violations may lead to disqualification. All boats require an operative kill switch IF the boat/motor is equipped with this safety feature. All required boat equipment and safety equipment must be present. Life jackets are required to be worn when operating under the main engine.
  11. BOUNDARIES: Stoney Lake including Upper Stony Lake & Clear Lakes, no locking out. No fishing is permitted within 50m of a competitor’s boat or 100m of Ministry of Natural Resources nets, live-release area, or Tournament Headquarters. No fishing within the marshaling area once the weigh-in has started for each day (see Rule #16 for times).
  12. BOAT NUMBERS: Each team will receive their team number at the mandatory check-in on the Friday of the tournament. The team number must be displayed and visible at all times on the driver's side of the boat.
  13. TAGS: All teams will receive a tag each morning at boat check by a tournament official. 
    Tags will be available at Carveth’s boat launch for those launching there or at Carveth’s warf for those coming via water. 
    All teams MUST have a tag to fish!  
    Tags must be presented at weigh in each day in order to have your weight scored. 
    Teams not weighing in MUST return their tag at the end of each day to a tournament official or you will NOT be permitted to fish the next day. 
  14. BOAT INSPECTION: All teams will have an equipment and boat inspection done by tournament officials prior to blast off each day. Tags will only be issued each day once boats are inspected. Inspections may also be conducted by tournament officials at any given point throughout the tournament as well. 
  15. STARTING ORDER: Team number is assigned based on date and time payment is received via E-Transfer or by date cheque is received if paying by cheque. Teams will be placed in the wave chosen at the time of registration. If a team cancels before the field is filled the next registrant will be placed in the vacant position. Teams will NOT be moved up in the order. You can choose a starting number only if it is available. If you chose to change wave selection you will be placed in the next available spot in the new wave and the vacated position will be filled by the next team to register. Teams will NOT be moved up in the order.
    • Day 1 Wave #1(Teams 1 – 67) @ 7am, Wave #2(Teams 68 – 135) @ 7:30am.
    • Day 2 Wave #2(Teams 68 – 135) @ 7am, Wave #1(Teams 1 – 67) @ 7:30am.

For safety reasons, we use a trickle start. Each team # will be called out in ascending order (lowest to highest) approximately 5-10 seconds apart. Boaters may leave the marshaling area when their number is called. Start times may be altered for safety reasons due to weather conditions. Starting order remains the same lowest # to highest # of your wave. Any team failing to check in on Friday evening will be placed at the end of their chosen wave. If multiple teams have failed to check-in, they will be launched in numerical order lowest to highest at the end of their chosen wave.

  1. WEIGH-IN:
    • Day 1 Wave #1(Teams 1 – 67) @ 4pm, Wave #2(Teams 68 – 135) @ 4:30pm.
    • Day 2 Wave #2(Teams 68 – 135) @ 2pm, Wave #1(Teams 1 – 67) @ 2:30pm.

Boats must be within the designated marshaling area before the Weigh-in time for your wave. Boats late for the weigh-in (NOT within the marshaling area) will be penalized 4oz (.25lb) for each minute late. Early weigh-ins will be available after 10 am each day. If fish are weighed in early (lunker or fish in stress) and anglers go back out, weighed fish will count as part of your limit of 5 fish. i.e., if you weigh in 2 fish early, you will only be able to weigh in 3 additional fish at the end of that day. If more fish are weighed in rule #18 will apply. You could lose your lunker!

    • Once in the marshaling area boats must proceed to the weigh-in area in single file.
    • Once at the dock follow the signage for docking and wait for instructions from the dock marshals.
    • Before your turn to weigh in you will be given a bag to put your fish in. When the dock marshal gives the ok load your fish into the bag and proceeds to the scales (scales will be at the dock for minimal transporting of fish)
    • Your fish will be checked for health and any walleye will be measured and weighed separately to ensure they are within the slot limit
    • All fish will be weighed with any lunkers being weighed separately.
    • Once fish are weighed you will receive a printed copy of the total weight with any penalties noted on the slip
    • Any fish deemed unlikely to survive will be kept.
    • Remaining fish will be returned to you to place back in your live well for release.
    • Following weigh-in proceed to the designated release area and report to the release marshals your boat number and show that all fish caught are released Release marshals must be able to see you release all fish.
    • Failure to report to the release area will result in your weight for that day being disqualified.
    • When all fish are released, you are free to leave.
  2. FISH LIMIT: Each team may present a maximum of 5 fish (Bass, Walleye, or a combination) for weigh-in each day. If more than the limit is presented, the heaviest fish will be removed from the weigh-in and not be eligible.
    • WALLEYE = Zone 17 Ministry Regulations are in effect. Minimum 35cm Maximum 50cm
    • Any Walleye not in the slot will be immediately released and not weighed. An 8oz(.5lb) penalty will be assessed.
    • Total length is measured as per Ontario Fishing Regulation in effect at the time of the tournament.
    •  BASS - there is no length limit on bass

2023 Regulation - “Size Limits – All size limits refer to the total length which is a measure from the tip of the mouth with the jaws closed to the tip of the tail, with the tail fin lobes compressed to give the maximum possible length.”

NOTE: Any Illegal fish are subject to Ministry enforcement


  1. DAMAGED FISH: In the opinion of the Tournament Weigh-in Officials; any fish judged unlikely to survive will be kept and the team assessed an 8oz (.5lb) Penalty.
  2. Clipped fish: Any fish in the opinion of the weigh-in officials deemed to have been clipped, trimmed, or cut in any way to alter its length will be disallowed from the weigh-in.
  3. DEADLINE: The tournament ends 30 minutes after weigh-in each day.
  4. DISQUALIFICATION: May result from any violation of tournament rules.
  5. TIE PLACING: Will be decided by a toss of the coin, one team tosses; the other calls the coin for the better placing.
  6. PROTESTS: Are allowed after the final team weighs in, and before prizes are awarded. A $100 fee, refundable if the protest is won, must accompany the protest.
  7. CASH PAYOUTS: Based on the number of teams registered and paid in full at the start of the first blast off. Cash payout to be posted at tournament.
  8. TOURNAMENT WINNINGS: All winnings will be presented in the form of a cheque to the team member who is listed as the registrant. Any team not present will have their cheque mailed to the address provided on registration.
  9. DOOR PRIZES, DRAWS, 50/50 ETC: you must be present to collect door prizes or cash from 50/50 draws. If no one claims a prize a second draw for that prize will take place.
  10. Competitor Draw. 60 to 75 teams register and paid = one single draw of $500. 76 or more teams registered and paid = 2 draws of $500 each. This draw will be the last draw when all cash payouts and draw prizes have been awarded. The angler drawn for the Competitor Draw prize MUST be present to claim the prize or another name will be drawn. You must be present to claim this prize it cannot be claimed for you. Identification may be required.
  11. LUNKER POOL: Tournament operators DO NOT administer the Lunker pool. This is administered by the competitors only.


Headquarter and marshalling area